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Jon's awesome new gym workout

TrainingJon1 Comment

In case you are also unable to climb on the weekend, tooth here is an awesome workout I did on Sunday. Most muscles in my body are tired today (especially quads surprisingly).

Place a box under a tall pullup bar (i.e. box enables you to reach the bar). Setup a barbell with light weight so you can military press it.

One rep: Start with barbell at your feet while you stand. bend over, advice grab bar, and roll it out (like an ab roller) to pushup position and do a pushup; roll bar back using abs; once bar is at feet, straighten your back and perform a bent-over row. Clean the bar to chest height, then do a press; then bring the bar back to ground. Now jump onto box and do a pullup (if you're confident enough, jump straight to the pullup bar without the box--a bit scary when you're tired. I did this in RIMAC where they have tall pullup bars).

Repeat as many times as possible until you are out of breath (if not out of breath, add weight). That is one set. Repeat 2 more times.