A culmination of experiences earned in the pursuit of climbing.

Pullharder.org is not a democracy but rather a dictatorship run by a secret tyrant.  We represent a rampaging horde of nomads whose lust for success and ruthless determination drives us to conquer insurmountable objectives.  Large mountains and bullet proof rock shields are the only things that tame our desires to conquer the fucking world. 

Discussion of the inner workings of our organization is punishable by stoning.  However,  it is understood that we sleep and train in San Diego, California; only to sporadically roam the world as group of terrifying warriors who go around seriously fucking shit up.  We can be seen flipping large tires and dragging sleds loaded with rock listening to satanic death metal between these forays. 

At Pullharder, failure is not tolerated and excellence is considered adequate.