3rd Annual PullHarder Marathon - Oct 21st

3rd Annual PullHarder Marathon - Oct 21st

That's right friends, it's time for the 3rd annual PullHarder.org Marathon!  Some say, "Third time's a charm."   Well... they are wrong.  We got it right the first time, and we are simply perfecting perfection!

If a desire for devastation dances in the deepest depths of your soul, the time for action is upon you!  For those of you who are not familiar with the PHM, it is a self-supported race that we have hosted for the past two years.  It begins and ends at 8551 Menkar Rd, and culminates with an award ceremony and drinking, which typically includes a keg of Stone beer.  This year it will be taking place on Sunday, October 21st.

We have 3 distances, just click on the links below to see each course:

10 K

10 Mile

Full Marathon (2 loops of the 10 mile and 1 loop of the 10k, see links above)

We will have food and a sports drink at the house to refuel between each loop of the full marathon.

Sign up by clicking HERE!

For a training calendar for the full marathon CLICK HERE.

For other training options, CLICK HERE.

For motivational tales to get you inspired watch the video below!


If you're not inspired by that, perhaps this race is not for you?

This year's PullHarder Marathon is in memory of Ben and Gil.  They were amazing people, who did amazing things; Ben holds the PullHarder Marathon course record.  Hopefully they'll inspire you to train harder, meet your potential, and set a personal record, whatever that may be.

Start training, and we'll see you on the trail!

~The Pullharder Crew