Big wall waste bag

P-tubes are cool and retro, but bulky and quite heavy. The Metolius waste case is hip and effective, but overkill for anything shorter than a serious multi-day big wall. So if you're like me and want to go light, but possibly stay on the wall a night or two to work some pitches, then this is the perfect deal for you.


  • 1 odor-proof bag (e.g., the 12"x20" Opsak by Loksak)
  • 1 sandwich-sized regular ziplock bag
  • 1 waste bag per person (e.g., Restop, or WAG Bag)
  • 1 individually packed hand sanitizer wipe per person per day
  • Paper towels


  1. Pack 1 waste bag per person, and mark each person's name on it. This will last you for up to 5 days (4 usages).
  2. Throw away the toilet paper they give you with the waste bags. (It's flimsy and is useless if it somehow gets wet.)
  3. Cut out 1 sheet of paper towel per person per day. Fold it and store it in the sandwich ziplock with 1 wet wipe per person per day.
  4. Voilà.


Here's the idea: use the waste bag, use 1 sheet of paper towel to clean up, use 1 wet wipe to carefully clean your hands, close the waste bag well, and store it in the odor-proof bag. The whole thing is then stored in your haul bag or backpack. The next day you re-use the same waste bag. You should be able to use this system for up to 4 times with minimal smell in your haul bag. (Anyhow, by then your body odor should cover any possible smell.)

When you're done with your trip, you throw the waste bags away, and keep the odor-proof bag for next trip.

And remember: be cool and pick up a few pieces of other's trash you may find on the way (bottles and caps, old slings, cans, tape, etc.)

The verdict:

Weight: 5 Oz.


Below: there is no experience like waking up to a beautiful morning on El Cap.


That's all for this tech tip. Next time I will show you how to rapidly weave a comfortable hammock out of the lead rope -- perfect for those who don't want to carry a portaledge.