Chamonix April 2011

Chamonix April 2011
Thank You Konstantin!

Thank You Konstantin!

Kostas came in from Italie. Nate from Maryland. Shay from San Diego. Scotty and Charles from Colorado. We converged at an apartment that Nate hooked us up with in Chamonix.

This is just a summary post since the pictures speak louder than words.

What was done:

  • Contamine Mazzeaud on Mt. Blanc du Tacul [Kostas, Shay, Charles]

  • Burnier-Vogler on Aiguille Du Midi (epic Rappel approach!) [Scotty, Nate]

  • Chèré Couloir on Mt. Blanc du Tacul [Kostas, Shay, Nate]

  • Ginat on Le Droites [Scotty, Charles]

  • Ski descent of the Vallee Blanche [Shay, Charles]

  • North Face of Les Courtes (Bail due to bergschrund issues) [Kostas, Shay]

  • Supercouloir (Bail due to poor conditions) [Scotty, Charles]


  • If you miss the last teleferique down you will have to spend the night on the floor of the station bathroom

  • Refuge huts are really cozy

  • Bringing your own wine to huts is frowned upon but tolerated

  • Chamonix has some of the sharpest contrast between beautiful relaxing wine drinking in town and epic glaciers/mountains

  • Diarrhea mid route is sub optimal

  • Falling through snow bridges can be apesio

  • Sleeping on the summit of a route improves chances of success and may increase safety as it allows for a cold morning descent.

  • Wine is delicious

Kostas leading: 

In the bar: 

Glacier Travel:

Brew Stop:


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