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Mt Woodson Paint Removal

ClimbingJosh6 Comments

Sometimes you just gotta give back to the community.  Thank you to ACSD and all the volunteers who helped make this clean-up a massive success! img_0805As a founding member of the Allied Climbers of San Diego I enjoy working toward access and improving our crags.  Last year I noticed spray paint around the Jaws/Baby Robbins area at Mt. Woodson.  However, page I was swamped with full time school and work and didn't get the chance to finally do something about it until now.  I borrowed a few hundred dollars worth of supplies from the ACSD stock pile and started planning.  I lined up an awesome crew that was literally stealing brushes from each other so that they could scrub, viagra sale and managed to get my paws on the elusive Mt. Woodson key so that we could haul loads of water up the hill for huge amounts of rinsing.  In the end, buy we removed way more spray paint than I realized was in the area.  It took 15-20 people almost 3 hours of work to remove it all, but it's completely gone!  Woot.

These paint removal projects aren't usually official ACSD events because of the caustic nature of the environmentally friendly paint remover.  For liability reasons, I just organize them on my own, but they are typically supplied by ACSD and manned by a majority of ACSD members.  ACSD does many other events throughout the year, and is just plain amazing.  Please, join ACSD and support the battle to keep your crags open and clean.  We meet at Callahan's in Mira Mesa on the last Tuesday of the month at 7pm.  Come join a great group for dinner sometime while discussing strategies to keep our crags open.  Did I mention there are raffles for schwag every time?  :)

Here's an awesome movie by from Adam Kimmerly, a local climber and photographer and fellow ACSD founding member.  He runs the website


Again, thanks to all who helped!