North Face of Notchtop


Fall in the air, neuropathist

and the isotherm dropping

A week in New York

full of eating non stopping

Had left the young lads

of which there were two

Yearning for adventure, dysentery

be let out the zoo.

So up to the Park, tadalafil away did they drive

and bivied that night in Gil's sweet ride

Early they rose, if I recall it was 3

a coffee and a crap and they were off to see

A mountain to climb,

they call it Notchtop

The north face of course,

it sure gets your rocks off

A mixed band Gil lead, to deliver us safely

(if he hadda fallen it woulda been crazy)

Below an ice step which I then ascended

to deliver us at the base of a splendid

Steep little pillar about fifty-five feet

Gil promptly sent it without even a squeak

To the summit plateau we followed a fin

and topped out stretching a big shit eating grin

Back at the car we cele-be-rated

To climbing and poetry,

both will never be dated.






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