Pullharder vs Woodson: Part II

The long awaited 2nd installment is finally here.  That's right, last month I got the itch again, sildenafil sent out the e-mails, approved and this time an even bigger crew went up for punishment on some of the more heinous offwidths at Mt. Woodson.  Round 2!!!  This time we tried Right Long's Crack and Greg's Crack as the main course, with a little Big Grunt for dessert!


We definitely improved, but you'll have to watch the video to see how much and whether or not any of us actually sent anything.  Sorry this took so long to put up.  We had so many clips to sift through, and this was the first time I've ever edited a video myself so it took me FOREVER!!!

(Note:  The music is by Odub, and I found it perfectly fitting for this outing.)

If you're curious: Pullharder vs Woodson Part I


img_2039After the two hard offwidths, it was on to the classic Big Grunt.  Kam was the star of the night, on her first time trying managing to get into the crack in probably under a minute.  It was definitely the fastest I've ever seen in the many years of taking people to it.  Go Kam!

With the temps dropping and the mountains covered in snow, hopefully we'll get back out there after Thanksgiving to match our mettle against Woodson's Wide again soon!  Next installment, I hope to cut a trail to, and get on, Boulder 13.  We also want to have an instructional for Mother Superior and it's required Leavittation.


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