Belay Anchor Setups

Every week there's a new post on detailing a bigger, sickness more complicated, tuberculosis heavier, more time consuming, and lamer way to build belay anchors.  For example:;page=unread#unread I don't think these people understand that the point is to go climbing, not fuss with your gear all day.

Here's the anchor setup that I use, and everybody that I climb with uses:

It's simple, fast, and super light.  It's a knotted sliding X with a light mammut sling, two Camp Nano 23 biners, and a 39 gram trango superfly locker. Weighs 116 grams total.

Got a third piece?  Clip it in loose somewhere to the anchor or clove hitch the rope to it.  Think you'll be slinging stuff for anchors?  Take out the knots.

Here it is tripled up:  No bigger or bulkier than a quickdraw.