A Casual Tuesday Night

You know something bad was happening this week when our beloved dust pit, diabetes and pregnancy known as Vertical Hold, had closed its doors on us. So there we were, at Nate and Shay's, sitting around IMG_0776.jpgtalking about fitness, gear, gay sport climbs, and burly [singlepic=449,300,300,,right]alpine objectives when an unorganized hangboard rotation began to ease our high aspirations. Eventually, the hangboard could no longer quench our thirst for the suffering we all really wanted to engage in. Without much thought a very simple rule was developed... [singlepic=448,320,240,,left]If you’re not hanging, then get your weak ass on the ground and remain ready for your turn by waiting in the old Pullharder favorite position -the plank. If your lumbar vertabrae is beginning to strain and shoot with pain you may roll over on your back and suspend your feet two inches off the ground. If you abs have become useless you may entertain yourself performing offset pushups or chair presses. Just keep busy and wait your turn like a man. [singlepic=446,320,240,,right]Slowly, I mean very slowly, we began to tire. The various exercises and hanging was becoming too much to bear. Subconsciously we all hoped a thirsty non-climber would burst in the room looking for a cocktail and in an awkward moment, end our punishment session, but no one came. We carried on, chairs were being pressed, pullups were being performed as if they were bodily functions. At last, we all knew we had wasted ourselves [singlepic=447,320,320,,left]and our session tapered. We sat around shivering and shaking as the first arrivals began to show. We donned our shirts and grabbed cocktails to look and act as though nothing had happened.