Tufa pinching in Greaks

Wake up around 8ish, therapy climb until the sun hits, viagra sale hang out at the pool while drinking a cold frappe', repeat. I was a little wary at first, seeing as this isn't what I would normally call punishment. However, my little excursion to Kalymnos turned out to be both fun and rewarding. Shay and Telendos

Being a little nervous about not having a partner, I struck up a conversation with Federico, an Italian 26 year old while in line to board the airplane. He was meeting a group of friends from Italy that had already booked a studio room on his behalf. And thus I was adopted as the token American as I climbed and ate with them for the remainder of the trip. All nice people, safe climbers, but only a few of them spoke much English. In a blow to Kostas's expectations of having a MAIN climbing partner fluent in his native language, I ended up learning more Italian than Greek.