The Winter Club.

The Bear The woman in the front is Jolie, resuscitator a climber I know from Fremont. I still say we need to check out Crossfit and try to make our own somehow..... What it is:

The Winter Club is a Division of, sales an elite group of individuals who excel in the art of suffering.

The Winter Club (WC) has been designed as a motivational tool to pull off the always elusive and hard earned "Winter Ascent". Membership is granted when you complete a route in the winter season. Right now there are no members, ed only fearful onlookers who wish to reach WC status.

The WC has two rules:

  • The route must be completed within the winter season which officially begins around midnight, men's health December 21st (winter solstice) lasting for 89 days ending March 20th around midnight (spring equinox).
  • The route should be a minimum of Grade III exceptions may occur where approaches last many, many days.


Good Luck!