Rainbow Wall... Free!

In April, online Josh and I did the Rainbow Wall Original Route in a 16 hour push car to car, 36 hours San Diego to San Diego. We freed all the pitches, with Josh ropegunning all the hard stuff (and me hanging a few times on TR), redpointing the lower half of the route and onsighting everything after "Over the Rainbow" Ledge. Obstacles overcome:

  • Ranger tapping on the car window, telling us we can't sleep here. The campground is full. Where can we sleep? He doesn't know.
  • Four hours of shitty sleep sitting up in the car, after pulling into somebody's campsite behind their car.
  • Rain on the approach. Thunderclouds everywhere. "Fuck it!", We charge onward through the rain, laughing hysterically, knowing that we may be heading into Sufferfest 2007.