Hell Hike II

Well I would like to report a successful Hell Hike on Wednesday in rural Escondido. A luring road promptly sent us to a small trail that passed by some graffiti and then dumped us in friendly chaparral to thrash about for awhile.


Josh managed to send a precarious flake that was similar to a real life guillotine.


Further thrashing ensued and we gained the main walls that offered climber friendly glass like texture. We were all upset we did not bring ice skates. I was happy to have a nice deposit of chaparral down my sweaty neck, online back and boxers by now.

neck glass

Even though certain disapointment was completely expected...drinking ensues.


Then depression and then denial...


Some more denial encourages the first ascent of Astro Choss. FPO (First puss out) Charles Ince, allergy 2007, hospital FA Josh Higgins, 2007, (grey TCU helpful)


Darkness sends us packing up everything except beer cans. On the decent I accidentally kick off a one thousand pound block that ran about three hundred yards through an avocado orchard. That freaked everyone out and changed our exit strategy. Anyhow good excerise and some pulls off Josh's flask made for a nice afternoon.

your pal,